A Week at Camp and a Birthday

My sister Haleigh and I got a week at camp for our birthdays from our grandparents. We had such a blast from white water rafting to shaving cream fights and bible study; we had a busy week. The first day was pretty rainy so we didn’t get to have the camp picture until later, we mostly listened to a ton of camp rules and made a couple of friends. We went white water rafting on the third day which was amazing. The first time we went down the East Race – just down the first ramp we tipped and so we held on the raft and floated for a ways then the life guard threw the rope to us and thank God we had two faculty members in the raft because Violet the faculty member caught it and let go of the raft when she was supposed to hold on while they pulled us all is, so now it was only the 4 of us and more than half way through we finally caught a rope. That was the craziest time down! The rest of the time we made it all the way without tipping. The next morning we got up had devotions and went down to breakfast and then we made our way out to the field where we all got a nylon hose and an egg and the faculty got noodles that you swim with and we put the nylon with the egg in it over our head and ran around like crazy people while the faculty chased up and hit us in the head with the noodles. Over all it was an amazing week. I came back changed from a spiritual stand point and it was very fun!

This is Sam, Landon, and Derek the last day of camp.

Here is Haleigh and I right after the awesome shaving cream fight.

Haleigh always has a goofy pose but I guess I don’t have much room to talk.

On July 1st I finally turned 14. I couldn’t wait for my birthday! I had wanted a blog for a while and last night I said to my dad, “Can I please get a blog?” He told me to ask my mom and they said that they had to talk about it and they came to the conclusion that I would be able to get one! My birthday went really well though. I had two of my good friends Taylor and Kaeleigh over and we went to the pool had pizza then swam for a bit. Then I opened presents and had a delicious “White Chocolate Rasberry” cake. Then Taylor went home and Kaeleigh and the rest of my family went out to Bobarinos in the B.O.B. The food was so tasty.

I was really excited to find out that my friend got me 4 pairs of earrings!

My super yummy cake! mmmmmm!

Here are the adorable girls at the B.O.B., boy are we smokin’ hot!


6 responses to “A Week at Camp and a Birthday

  1. hey!
    lovv the blog u r soo right we r smokin hot!!!

  2. Bri you have a blog! How exciting for you – and we LOVE the pictures. you and haleigh are hilarious and it looks like you two had a great time at camp. what an adventure!

    Happy 14th to you, can you believe it?!?! You and your friends are definitely looking good!

    See you tomorrow, we can’t wait!

  3. Hey Bri! Cool blog i am SO glad to hear that you had a good time ! Sorry i forgot to Phone you on your Birthday! SO Happy Birthday to You…Happy Birthday to You… Happy Birthday Dear Brianna…Happy birthday to You!!!!!!
    Love ya lots girlie!!!

  4. Bri…i’m glad you had such an awesome birthday and time at camp! congrats on your very own blog!!!

  5. that is awesome bri! happy birthday!!!!
    love ya!

  6. Bri,
    How exciting to have a blog! I was just checking if you had added more to it. Keep us posted on the happenings of Bri Beasley. 🙂

    Are you excited to be in Senior High this fall? I am going to miss you a lot! You will be in my friend Jettie’s “Family” which you will know all about once it starts up (if you don’t already). 🙂 I hope you are doing great! Enjoy the beautiful weather.

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