overall an amazing summer…..

This summer was so amazing from hanging out with friends, camp, volunteering in the nursery at church, camping trips,  my relationship with God growing stronger, working though what it really means to forgive someone, baby sitting, youth groups, getting ready for high school, and much more it came and went so fast.

I really enjoyed camp Michianna it was very amazing and helped me realize how far away from God I really was and get me back on track. The people around me at camp helped me so much and I love them all so very much!

Baby sitting was amazing with the kids that I love a ton. They make me tired but I wouldn’t do it if it weren’t for the kids and how much we love each other. I mostly baby sat for the Lund kids Ashley 4, and Andrew 3 which is very fun they are very adorable kids. I love spending time with them at there house and at the pool.

Just like always though there is hard times like Haleigh braking her arm from a bike ride. I feel so bad for her but she has this awesome pink cast that is water-proof so now she can finish out the last week of the pool being open and be able to swim instead of having to put her feet in and make sure people don’t splash her.

Thanks for reading by my next post it will be fall! Yeah colored leaves and yummy apples and it’s really close to the snowboard season which I am so excited for and I promise I will get pictures!


One response to “overall an amazing summer…..

  1. Bri! You have a blog too!

    Looks like a great summer. Those are some stellar pics!

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