Monthly Archives: October 2008


Fall is my 3rd favorite season, I love the leaves changing colors and falling, cold weather, and getting closer to snowboarding season! We went to Aquinas College yesterday for science because we have been studying the solar system with the Burger family and so yesterday was our last day so at Aquinas they have a model of the solar system so we walked around and on our way picked up leaves because now we are starting classification with nature there was so many pretty leaves. The Aquinas campus is so beautiful with trails and tons of nature. Then we went to a park and ate a picnic lunch and my mom and Mrs. Burger did some planning for classification while the Burger boys and Eli played Star Wars of course. I will have some pictures up later of our adventure yesterday but the pictures aren’t downloaded on the computer yet and I really don’t want to do it right now because it takes to long to load.


My new brother or sister…

I am so excited to meet my new brother or sister. My mom’s due date is November 25. We have a couple pictures and videos of the ultrasound. The baby is going to be in Eli’s room so he is pretty excited about that. We have been feeling my mom’s stomach and feeling little feet and hands. I worry every night when I am lying awake in bed, will I be a good big sister? Will I be a good role model for the baby? What if I mess up and my new brother or sister sees and repeats it? All of those questions and more play through my mind and scares me I have been told I was already a good big sister but what if something happens, I don’t even know, I am crazy but it’s scary to me. Here is a couple pictures of the baby….

Isn’t the baby so cute!?

There is my parents, in about 6 weeks they will actually be holding the baby!