My new brother or sister…

I am so excited to meet my new brother or sister. My mom’s due date is November 25. We have a couple pictures and videos of the ultrasound. The baby is going to be in Eli’s room so he is pretty excited about that. We have been feeling my mom’s stomach and feeling little feet and hands. I worry every night when I am lying awake in bed, will I be a good big sister? Will I be a good role model for the baby? What if I mess up and my new brother or sister sees and repeats it? All of those questions and more play through my mind and scares me I have been told I was already a good big sister but what if something happens, I don’t even know, I am crazy but it’s scary to me. Here is a couple pictures of the baby….

Isn’t the baby so cute!?

There is my parents, in about 6 weeks they will actually be holding the baby!


One response to “My new brother or sister…

  1. totally okay to be a little scared – that means you care oh-so much! you are going to be wonderful Bri, just think of all the great things you’ll be able to teach this peanut! Can’t wait to meet him or her – almost time!

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