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Charlotte Jane

My mom had the baby! It’s a girl and thank goodness she is finally here! She was born Sunday, November 23, 2008. When she was born she weighed 7’14 and was 19 1/2 inches. She is so adorable. I want to do mostly pictures in this post because she is so perfect! Here is her so darn cute face.


this is her sitting in my lap. in all of these pictures she is just an hour old.


this is her right before we were going to give her a bath.


still waiting for the bath under the heat lamp.


isn’t she just the cutest thing in the world.


she is a really good baby and just about the only time she cries is when she is cold.


we were trying to go quick so that she wouldn’t be so cold but she moves a lot.


here is haleigh and I cleaning her face.


all clean just making sure she is a healthy baby which she is.

I will have more pictures of her up later but right now I am going to go and cuddle with her.


RE(image) Girls Retreat

Last weekend I went to Great Wolf Lodge with the girls from anthem (my youth group) for a weekend to find who we were and what image we were putting out. It was amazing I met a ton of new girls on Sunday we left Great Wolf Lodge and headed to Mission Point Park in Mission Peninsula, Michigan it was beautiful and we got 15 minutes to write in our journals about what we had learned over the weekend and what we were praying about right then that God had not answered the way we would have liked and we got to talk to God about it and we asked ourselves other ways that He might answer us. I really want to show mostly picutes so here they are.


this is one of my new friends Megan.


this is Megan and Koly, I have known Koly since 7th grade.


this is me and my friend Abbie who I have also known since 7th grade.


on the left is my friend Jayne who I have known since 4th grade and then Michelle who I have known for 2 years.


in this one in Laurie on the left who I have known for a couple years and then Naomi who I had just met.


us freshman eating breakfast.


group picture.


Naomi leading the group to go worship at Mission Point Park.


Naomi and Kelly at Mission Point Park.