An Update On Little Miss. Charlotte

Charlotte is now a month old! She is such a cute little baby. She has just started to smile more often! I realized that a month without posting isn’t okay so I will try to not do it again but anyway here is some pictures over the last few days of her.


Here we are at Lindsey’s house sleding it was a really cold day and Charlotte was only out there for around 2 minutes just long enough to take the pictures and then mom took her back in the house.


This was right after we decorated our tree.


Here is Haleigh burping her and helping her fall asleep.


In this one Eli was making her smile and then we took the picture just as she was finishing up her smile. I love how she is just looking at him it is adorable.


Here is my dad helping Charlotte open one of her presents on Christmas.


This one is from her bath this morning, she was so smiley. She just loves her bathes and she is so cute in them!

So there is an update on her I just love her! I won’t let it go so long before I post again!




2 responses to “An Update On Little Miss. Charlotte

  1. thank you for the update!
    how are you?

    we need to hang out soon.
    see you at church?

  2. Hey! Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back, Its cool that you found my blog! The only people who usually read it are from my school. . . and Jim of course. Sry for the wait!


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