Starbucks with Haleigh

I am so thankful that Haleigh and I are such good friends! Sometimes people don’t believe we are sisters because we hang out with each other so much and get along so well! We went to Starbucks today and it was really fun we got to talk for a while! I didn’t take any pictures while we were there but I do have some that I thought were kind of cool that I just took a couple minutes ago! So here they are…..





Haleigh, thank you so much for being such an amazing sister! You are such a beautiful and strong young woman. You are so great! Remember to always be yourself and know that you can tell me anything! Love you girl!




2 responses to “Starbucks with Haleigh

  1. brie

    I think this post (among many other things) just goes to show what a great older sister you are.

    It was great seeing you this morning! And just remember, Starbucks is great, but Lemonjellos is better!

  2. i agree with Jim that you are such a wonderful older sister. As sisters you need to look out for one another & continue to tell each other everything! My sisters are precious to me–family is so sacred! much love to you!!!

    by the way…i’m planning on joining you guys for the luncheon in April. I can’t find your email address right now. =( so i thought i’d let you know this way!

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