Spring Hill is my favorite camp… I went with my youth group Anthem Febuary 13-15 2009… I have some pictures of our crazy adventures!!!!! So here you go…….. by the way I will list the names of all the people from left to right….


I don’t know the first girl, Naomi, me, Danni, Kaili, Stephine, and then on the top bunk is Kendra… we are all in our cabin and getting ready to go head out……


Cheering for our broomball players.. first girl I still don’t know, Naomi, me, and Danni…


Naomi and Kalli making a belt in the craft shop…


Rockstar Johnny in the air and all the Mars Hill students holding him up yeah that was fun….


Nate, Brandon, me, Wesley, Danni, and then behind Wesley is Kaili…..


Danni, me, Kaili, Stephine, and Kendra3310246476_d559c27f26

Wesley and me…..


P A R T Y…..


Naomi, me, Kalli, and Danni….


Johnson climbing up the chaple…


me and Wesley before we went tubing…


Wesley (bottom) and me (top) going down the tubing hill….

So there you have it! Trips like those makes the cold winter months REALLY worth it….. Until next time.




2 responses to “SPRING HILL…..

  1. Great pics! Looks like a fantastic time! And did Johnson really make it all the way up?

  2. Brie,
    UGH!!! I so wish I could have been there in a pix smoshing my face against yours! Well looks like you had fun even though I was not there. (almost impossible) ha!
    Have a good day!
    L o v e ,

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