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To Write Love On Her Arms concert…

For about 2 years I have wanted to go to a To Write Love On Her Arms concert and I have been watching their tour schedule very close. And finally they had a concert Thursday, so I went with my anthem leader Cassey. We both had a blast; Zach Williams played some songs and then Jamie talked and then he opened it up for us to ask questions and/or comment. It was really cool. I would definitely recommend it to people, and I would also go to another! I love what they are about! They are such a cool organization. I forgot I had my camera with me at the concert, so I did not take any pictures there, but I do have a picture of me right before I left so I will put that one up….


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Anthem is the high school youth group at Mars Hill, I have posted about different trips like Spring Hill and Re- Image that are with my youth group but I will show you what a typical night at Anthem is like….

This is a game we played for our Ultimate Show Down and each family (freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior that’s how they split us up) had to make pancakes and serve them to the Anthem staff.


Here is the Freshman  Family that is what I am in…. 


The Sophomore Family….


The Junior Family…


And last the Senior Family…


While the game was going on Judy (one of the anthem staff) got a picture of me, 2 of the girls from my small group, and our leader. Like always from left to right- me, Kelsey our leader, Cady, and Cassy.

Now here is the people that work so hard to put this together every week and are always there for us.








And last P.J. and yes if you were wondering that is me behind him in the yellow checkered shirt.

So there you have it, hope you liked it! Until next time.




I am really bummed because I didn’t really get to go snowboarding this year…. I went once a couple of weekends ago and that was the first time this season and I was really proud of myself that I got down the hill because it had been a while. The Burger family found this great hill that we went to with them and I borrowed my brothers board, it was difficult though because it is a cheap board and they don’t have really bindings you just slip your feet in them but it was fun. So hopefully next year is full of snowboarding adventures! Here is a picture of me snowboarding at that hill…. 


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So last year for the.element I did some paintings for there silent art auction to raise money for I don’t remember what, and this year they are doing it again. It is a talent show and a silent art auction, to raise money for the Pray America Trip. I didn’t think I would be able to do it this year since I am not in element anymore because I am not in middle school but I talked to the person who is putting it all together and she said that that would be awesome if I did paintings this year. So I did 2 paintings and I thought before I have to bring them to her I would share them with you all! So here they are……



There you have it. Let me know what you think! Until next time!