I am really bummed because I didn’t really get to go snowboarding this year…. I went once a couple of weekends ago and that was the first time this season and I was really proud of myself that I got down the hill because it had been a while. The Burger family found this great hill that we went to with them and I borrowed my brothers board, it was difficult though because it is a cheap board and they don’t have really bindings you just slip your feet in them but it was fun. So hopefully next year is full of snowboarding adventures! Here is a picture of me snowboarding at that hill…. 


Until next time.




3 responses to “Snowboarding

  1. Brie,

    Thanks for talking about me in that post! jk! Anyone who reads this FYI: I was there too! Agreed cheapy bored but not like I know the diff. I would absoulutly LOVE to try snowboreding! Not just cause Brie does it and I want to do everything she does (cause hello that girl is so sweet) what a great role model!!! But I really think it looks fun! (and Brie does it!)

    Love you Brie! (Thanks for putting up with me cause I know I cna go on and on)!!
    Like I said love you!
    h a l e i g h

  2. I went snowboarding once. And I had a bruise bigger than your brother.

    But it was so much fun. And I want to do it again!

  3. Thanks for leaving a comment guys!
    Jim- Wow sounds painful! We should go sometime and go get Lemonjello’s after! lol! Your brave for wanting to try it again but it is really addictive!
    Hals- Ya little jerk jk!!!!! I will always be able to put up with you, only because I have to and because your my girl and I don’t know how long this putting up with you will last since you are going to be moving in MY room! Jk lylas! because you are the s in the lylas! Talk to you in like 2 minutes!

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