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On April 4-11, 2009, I went on a mission trip down to Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi area with my high school youth group Anthem. I worked with 11 other freshmen in a group; the other grades worked on a house together. The reason us freshmen were split off was because to work with Habitat for Humanity you had to be at least 15. We worked with Dream Fuel who didn’t have an age limit. April 4th, we went to Mars Hill at night and then we prayed and boarded the bus. We took an 18 hour bus ride down to the bottom of Mississippi. We arrived there at 1pm the next day. We got to the hotel and checked in – the weather was really nice – low 80s. Then we went to lunch and we headed off to the beach. Later that night, we went to dinner and a lady there talked to us and told her story and also like where the flood water was in that area! It was crazy! The next day, we met Brian who worked with Dream Fuel. He took us to a man’s house who was named Mr. Kelly; his house was rebuilt by a Mars Hill group a couple of years ago. We cleaned up under his house; that was where he stored a lot of his stuff. All of the houses down there are built up on stilts, so he had a lot of stuff under there that was just jumbled around. We organized under his house and built shelves under there. We also painted his shed, fixed a part on his fence and cleaned behind his fence. There was a lot of trash and weeds back there! That was what we did through the 3 days that we worked at his house. On the 3rd day, we finished up behind his fence, ate lunch and then we went to a lady’s house named Debby. She was a single mom of 4 kids; her husband left shortly after Hurricane Katrina and then died a couple months after from a drug overdose. Insurance only gave the family $12K – that was only enough to rebuild the garage so that is what she did. That is where the family stayed for 4 years and this year they left because she couldn’t find a job, so they moved in with her parents! Since she didn’t have very much money we couldn’t do very much, so we boarded up some of the windows to keep the rain from causing further damage and that was all we could do. The next day we helped move an older gentleman into his house that was just built, so that was fun! It was on the beach. Like I said before, all the houses down there are built on stilts, so it was mostly furniture that he couldn’t lift that we carried up the stairs. I had an amazing time. We also did a lot of fun stuff at night like saw Monsters VS. Aliens, went to Buffalo Wild Wings, went to the beach and did a ton of other fun things!! Here is some pictures from the trip….


We just got there and are at the hotel – here is Stephanie, Cady, Cassey, me and Brianna.


We were on the way home from the beach. In the first row is Cassey, then me, Stephanie, and Kellie in the second row, next Brianna, Dani, and Cady, last in the back is Josh.


Corrie and P.J. – our leaders.


Mr. Kelly’s house.


Under the house before we cleaned it up.


After we cleaned under the house.


Cady and I lifting the wood out from under the house.


The boys dug a trench while us girls were cleaning under the house.


We just got done clearing out under the house and were about to build the shelves.


Josh and Alex found an old wheelbarrow that they were taking turns pushing each other in. It was Josh’s turn to be pushed and Alex’s to push.


Me carrying stuff to put under the house to organize.


In the middle of painting the shed – that was part of the first coat, we did three coats all together.


The first coat fully done.


Dillan, me, Alex, Jordan, and then behind is Josh.


Our whole freshman group.


Debby’s house.


Hanging out at Debby’s house – Cady is in the yellow, Stephanie you can barely see, me, Cassy, Brianna, and then Jordan.


Moving Richard into his house, me and the boys.


Jordan wanted to be barried so Alex on the left and Josh on the right barried him.


All of us around him.


We were moving bricks farther down so Richard could make a big garden at the new house.


Close up of me!!



Okay well until next time!! Hope you enjoyed the pictures!!