Luton Trail

So, Luton Trail is a trail that hasn’t been around for too long. It is a trail for mountain bikers – my dad has just recently started mountain biking. He got an email from one of his friends that is a mountain biker who told him that Merrel was sponsoring a trail day which is when a group of random people (most of them being mountain bikers) come to make a new trail in the park. There was a trail day at Luton. My dad, sister, brother, and me all went to help out. We made a new trail and got some Merrel goodies. Everyone there got Merrel water bottles and then there was a choice of a couple things that you could pick to take home. Here is some pictures of the trail day…. we are also going to Cannonsburg on the 2oth of June to do another one…….






The trail day was last Saturday and on Sunday on the way home from church I was talking to my dad about going mountain biking with him and he said he would love to do it with me. Now, ever since Sunday afternoon we have been going; here is some pictures from yesterday. We went after it rained and the trail was really muddy and we got soaked and muddy…



Fun stuff! Until next time!




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  1. okay so i vote you do a post about your hair! love ya!

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