10 things i love. sunday

Dear Friends,

I am going to do a new segment every Sunday where I will post 10 things I love. So here goes the first ever busybrie’s 10 things i love. sunday!!!!

1. Candy Canes- aren’t these little suckers so adorable!!!

2. Outdoors- this picture is so gorgeous!

3. SHOES- but really what girl doesn’t?

4. funky glasses- I am so obsessed!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. little ice cream cones- aren’t these just so fabulous….

6. eiffel tower cards

7. hot cocoa- delicious!

8. my cheetahlisious bag!!

9. starbucks coffee

10. La Croix berry sparkling water.

Hope you enjoyed the 10 things i love. Can’t wait to share 10 more things next Sunday!!!!!!!!! Hope you guys have an amazing Christmas!



p.s. these images are mostly from google, except for my cheetalicious bag and a couple other of the pictures! I will give credits on the photos later.


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