Monthly Archives: January 2010

10 things i love. on sunday


Here are the 10 things i love this sunday. It really is Thursday though, I have been SUPER busy over the last couple of days and I have not even been on the computer at all. So instead of just skipping, it’s just a little late. Here we go…..

1. Wesley- she is my BEST FRIEND!!!!!!!

2. Grapefruit- so delicious.

3. Charlotte Jane- my littlest sister, she is so precious!

4. Eating popcorn in our popcorn maker!

5. Having curly hair!!!!!!

6. Snowboarding!

7. My little sister Haleigh- she is my best friend!

8. Goldfish- my sister and I named them Penelope and Jane,

if I have a little girl when I am older I want to name her

Penelope Jane.

9. My favorite pair of shoes- you can tell there well worn!

10. These cute little Christmas Trees from Target

that me and my mom got.

Hope you loved checking out the 10 things that i loved this Sunday…. well I guess Thursday, but we can pretend it’s Sunday! Well hope you check out 10 more things I love next Sunday! Hope you all had FABULOUS holidays!