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Zebra Girls Dance

Here is the dance for the who are we video.



I always have a little part of me that would love to live and own a farm when I’m older, I don’t know if I really will. These pictures from Big Picture Farm have sure stolen my heart though.







































see how can you not want to live on a farm after those!!


p.s. the gorgeous farm and pictures belong to:

Sick Day

I am sick today. =[

So I decided to make the best out of it and watch good movies.

Here is one of my favs!


I love him!!! So much.

i love vintage.

My new favorite nail polish color, along with a beautiful floral material.

A few vases for my open house.

Cute bird and flower pattern with the candle from Nick and Kelsey’s wedding.

Adorable patches of material with a vase from my open house.

The adorable patches of material. Cant wait to find something fun to do with them.

Sleepy Char in her adorable dress I got for her.

Funky pattern.

Charlotte just after she woke up.

Adorable recipe book on top of a cute pattern.

Two of my punch cups for my open house on a floral pattern.

Here is just a few of the vintage things that I love. Hope you enjoyed!


Fun room

I would totally  love to do a room like this! Maybe have the wall paper in like a bed room or family room!!!

this can be found at:

love. brie


I am so fascinated by peacocks! I think they are so gorgeous! I would really love a tattoo similar to this one…

found at-

we will just have to see!!!!!