Adorable Things…

i love all these dresses.. they are all so fun!

found at-

Valentine headband that I made…

this is just a quick snip it of some things i love!

i hope to get on here more and catch up with all the blogging that i have missed so much!!!!


love. brie


10 things i love. on sunday


Here are the 10 things i love this sunday. It really is Thursday though, I have been SUPER busy over the last couple of days and I have not even been on the computer at all. So instead of just skipping, it’s just a little late. Here we go…..

1. Wesley- she is my BEST FRIEND!!!!!!!

2. Grapefruit- so delicious.

3. Charlotte Jane- my littlest sister, she is so precious!

4. Eating popcorn in our popcorn maker!

5. Having curly hair!!!!!!

6. Snowboarding!

7. My little sister Haleigh- she is my best friend!

8. Goldfish- my sister and I named them Penelope and Jane,

if I have a little girl when I am older I want to name her

Penelope Jane.

9. My favorite pair of shoes- you can tell there well worn!

10. These cute little Christmas Trees from Target

that me and my mom got.

Hope you loved checking out the 10 things that i loved this Sunday…. well I guess Thursday, but we can pretend it’s Sunday! Well hope you check out 10 more things I love next Sunday! Hope you all had FABULOUS holidays!



And so this is Christmas…….

Hey guys,

My Christmas was pretty amazing so I figured I should probably do a post on it. We didn’t go on vacation this year we just had Christmas at home with my family.  Here is some pix…..

Us girls opening our stockings.

All of us kids happy and ready to open presents,

except for Charlotte, she had no clue what was going on.

Me, finding all the surprises in my stocking.

Yeah I don’t even know what to say about this one.

My AMAZING mom, she is such a beautiful person.

Little Charlotte opening her presents,

I think she liked the wrapping paper more than the present.

Me with all my gifts.

Eli, he was super excited.

Charlotte, she is so precious and full of life!

My awesome dad and Charlotte.

And here is our house this year, just kidding, but I wish it was.

This house can be found at this site

I think it is so beautiful and unique!

This year my mom told Eli that he couldn’t wake us up or get out of bed until 7am at the earliest, because last year he woke up at 4am and woke my parents up. They told him to go back to bed, he tried really hard but he was just to excited so he went down stairs and took all of the presents and rearranged them and made a pile for everybody with all of their presents. I think he just looked at them for a while after and then watched t.v. until it was time for everybody else to wake up. He is so funny!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!! I want to hear fun little Christmas stories of yours feel free to leave fun little comments with that or anything else in them!



10 things i love. sunday

Hello loves,

I am back with the 10 things i love this sunday! so here you have it….

1. Zebras- sorry for the blurriness, but I just LOVE zebras!

2. my feather cards that my sister made for me.

3. my new soccer ball.

4. my homemade ornaments.

5. my makeup today!

6. dyeing my hair, which i am going to do later today.

7. roxy

8. the zebra shelf that i painted.

9. frosting christmas cookies.

10. my wallet.

Thanks for checking out the 10 things that i love sunday! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

Have an amazing New Years Day, I will most likely post about it because I have some fun things planned.

I plan to do a post on Sunday and then another one Monday!




10 things i love. sunday

Dear Friends,

I am going to do a new segment every Sunday where I will post 10 things I love. So here goes the first ever busybrie’s 10 things i love. sunday!!!!

1. Candy Canes- aren’t these little suckers so adorable!!!

2. Outdoors- this picture is so gorgeous!

3. SHOES- but really what girl doesn’t?

4. funky glasses- I am so obsessed!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. little ice cream cones- aren’t these just so fabulous….

6. eiffel tower cards

7. hot cocoa- delicious!

8. my cheetahlisious bag!!

9. starbucks coffee

10. La Croix berry sparkling water.

Hope you enjoyed the 10 things i love. Can’t wait to share 10 more things next Sunday!!!!!!!!! Hope you guys have an amazing Christmas!



p.s. these images are mostly from google, except for my cheetalicious bag and a couple other of the pictures! I will give credits on the photos later.

Luton Trail

So, Luton Trail is a trail that hasn’t been around for too long. It is a trail for mountain bikers – my dad has just recently started mountain biking. He got an email from one of his friends that is a mountain biker who told him that Merrel was sponsoring a trail day which is when a group of random people (most of them being mountain bikers) come to make a new trail in the park. There was a trail day at Luton. My dad, sister, brother, and me all went to help out. We made a new trail and got some Merrel goodies. Everyone there got Merrel water bottles and then there was a choice of a couple things that you could pick to take home. Here is some pictures of the trail day…. we are also going to Cannonsburg on the 2oth of June to do another one…….






The trail day was last Saturday and on Sunday on the way home from church I was talking to my dad about going mountain biking with him and he said he would love to do it with me. Now, ever since Sunday afternoon we have been going; here is some pictures from yesterday. We went after it rained and the trail was really muddy and we got soaked and muddy…



Fun stuff! Until next time!



Johnny and Amanda’s Wedding and Coloring My Hair

Johnny and Amanda’s wedding was on May 30. It was such a blast. They are such sweet people and they make a great couple!! They are definitely two people that I look up to a lot. I know Johnny through Haleigh when she was in fifty6 and he also worked in the high school youth group this year. Johnny introduced Haleigh and I to Amanda while Haleigh was in fifty6 and then shortly after that Amanda started working at fifty6 and works there still. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for them. Here is some pictures from the wedding….






Then 2 Sunday’s ago I colored my hair a darker brown. I will put up some before and after pictures!!!




So yeah that’s what’s been going on lately!!!! Until next time!